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Rogues Gallery

We have had lots of help from friends and family over the years.  Here are a selection of mug shots, just to embarrass them!

Steven - fixer of everything and Brico-Depot's best customer 2008
Simon - electrician, slave-driver and organiser/planner of everything.

Mark - in charge of "inventions", renowned for asking questions at the most inopportune moments, supervisor of all children's channels and the X-box.

John - general assistant and tea-boy.
Danni - grouter extraordinaire, remembered for her morning "dashes" to the village toilet before her first ciggie of the day, and champion texter!
Michael - joined at the hip to Danni, expert plasterer. Virtually nocturnal - do not disturb before 10:30.

Simon H - winner of the most annoying ring-tone award and support to Steven; can do most things without complaining.

Ken, married to Jeanette.  A great support to us all, helped with lots of DIY chores. 

(According to Jeanette) He has low mileage and two careful owners - all reasonable offers considered - cash on collection, quick sale preferred!

Jeanette (aka Barbie) - who provided a regular place of refuge, lots of wine and coffee and use of shower facilities!

Rusty - mad dog to accompany the Englishman (Ken)
Mike - husband and carer to Lill.

Met on PontNoir website and he said "just pop in for coffee", which were fatal words to utter to Steven!

Lill (Queen Lill). 

'nuff said!

Sam.  Official urinator of les roulles.
Simon and Nigel

(with Simon and Steven)

Now this is going to get confusing!  Too many Simons!!!