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Things to do in and around the area

Creuse is a rural and quiet area and off the beaten track for most tourists.  However, there are plenty of things to do and see.

Les loups de Guèret - the wolves near Guèret

Les pierres Jumatres - an amazing array of large boulders on the top of a hill - there is a nice walk up the hill to get there and a good view all around.

 The old château at Montluçon 

Nohant-Viç – maison de Georges Sands - the house of the author George Sands
La Châtrevisit the centre of the town for some light shopping and browsing
Oradour sur Glane – a village frozen at 10th June 1944 following a Nazi massacre.

Aubusson – pay a visit to the old town, the château and view some of the famous tapestries
Pay a visit to the Château de Boussac and take a guided tour
Take a stop at the Jardin de thé next to the château in Boussac for a classic English afternoon tea with scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam
Sidiailles lake and man-made beach
Treignet lake and man-made beach
Randonnes au vélo - go cycling just about anywhere.  Most roads in Creuse are peaceful and have little traffic.  Around St Marien there are very few hills.
 Marché de Boussac – traditional French market every Thursday morning, beware the lack of parking on a Thursday morning

Go for a meal at « La Biaude » the tiny restaurant in Preveranges – maybe walk there for a long lunch (Tuesday to Friday) and try some of the wine.  It's only 2km from St Marien. 

3, rue Grande
18370 Préveranges
Tel : 02 48 56 42 57

Visit the nearby village of St Sévère sur Indre, the setting for the 1950s comedy "Jour de Fête".