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The Garden

The garden, neglected for many years, was a jungle of weeds, brambles and overgrown trees.  It is bisected by a barn.  With the assistance of some glyphosate weedkiller and a petrol brushcutter (borrowed from Ken), several attempts were made to tame the overgrowth.  

Our neighbour had complained that one of our trees was overhanging his workshop roof and, in the recent gales, bits of the tree had started to fall down. Steven and Ken decided to become lumberjacks for the day and fell the tree. At it was overhanging the neighbours property, all hands were required on deck as the tree was roped up and bits of it were cut off with a chainsaw.  Ever the opportunist, Ken seized the chance to pose for a few pictures in preparation for his forthcoming phone call to a "no-win-no-fee" claims company.

We even had our own crop of Japanese Knotweed, which has taken us several years to bring under control.  We still have lots more to do on the garden.

Looking down the well.

Our next project ... the barbecue area.